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How Lays International are working towards making your day to day journey a greener and more sustainable one.

We provide a high standard of tech & daily trucks, drivers and service to the Film and TV industry, we are constantly striving to do a great job, as greenly as possible.
As a company we are very aware of the kind of impact our line of work amongst other things has had on the environment over the years.
Our fleet of over 150 vehicles, are the bread and butter of supporting our clients meet their tasks.
We have a variety of trucks starting small with our trailers, Luton vans, 7.5-ton’s 18-ton’s boxes & curtains, artic lorries and the biggest of all Hi-abs.
Which is why we are continuously doing our upmost to improve and try to be better, we try to work hand in hand with productions & suppliers to improve sustainability.
Reducing our carbon footprint, is something we are always working to towards and making improvements on.

Collaborating with productions

We believe that working hand in hand with productions, we can make bigger strides to achieve the goals set by you and us.
Our dedicated team in our head office liaise with productions to work closely with productions sustainability teams, to put in place the best practices & integrating sustainable alternatives.
Which in turn minimalizes not only productions carbon footprint, but also ours. Over the years, we have gained a substantial amount of insight to come up with solutions that we have now fully integrated within our business.

We are fuelled by HVO fuel

Being an established company that supplies tech trucks to the film industry, naturally comes with its flaws regarding the environment.
Going electric with our fleet sounds like a simple answer to this. However, we’ve found that wasn’t a solution for us, as it’s not developed enough for lorries and heavy loads, that are required to travel to do their jobs effectively.
As the heavier the load the more consumption of energy the vehicle would have.
Essentially, we would get not very far at all with lorries without them needed a charge, which wouldn’t work for productions, our customers or us.
The team at Lays put our heads together to find a solution that works for us and the industry.

HVO otherwise known as a green fuel, is synthesised from vegetable oils using a specialist hydrotreatment process and its purity allows it to significantly reduce harmful emissions when used in diesel vehicles through much-improved burning efficiency.
As it’s manufactured from renewable waste materials, its free of aromatics and toxins, it is biodegradable.

“Back in 2023 we made the decision to STOP using diesel across our fleet, swapping it out for a healthier HVO fuel reducing C02 emissions by a massive 85%. Steadily & efficiently driving us in the right direction, on our journey to help create a greener environment for all our futures.”

Not all HVO is created equally or ethically, the level of greenhouse gas emissions savings can vary by product, as they do not come entirely from tailpipe emissions.
Savings are based on a life-cycle, well-to-wheel calculation, taking into account feedstock, production processes and transportation. Businesses need visibility of the fuel’s upstream supply chain, so that they can substantiate their downstream sustainability claims.
It is therefore imperative to seek a transparent and trusted provider who can give full visibility of the fuel’s supply chain. This ensures your sustainability objectives are being met and that you can have confidence in your carbon reduction claims.

As the UK’s leading fuel and lubricants distributor, we take pride in providing solutions that you can rely on and trust. That’s why we go to great lengths to guarantee that Certas Energy HVO is ethically sourced, ecologically responsible, and exclusively manufactured from primary waste sources. We only partner with ISCC certified HVO suppliers, each one having a fully validated and auditable supply chain, so our HVO meets the highest auditable product standards possible.
Certas Energy is also a recognised supplier of renewable fuel under the Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme (RFAS), operated by the Zemo partnership.

In house workshop – helping to keep our vehicles compliant

Along with our specialist HGV vehicle technicians.
Helping us to effectively & efficiently maintain our vast fleet, helping us to keep our fleet as up to date & emissions as low as possible.

EURO 6 emission vehicles
All of our vehicles are fully compliant helping your production to avoid ULEZ charges as well as reducing pollution.
Our in-house HGV technicians play an essential part in working to ensure the vehicles receive regular maintenance to achieve best optional performance & fuel efficiency. All the vehicles across our growing fleet run off of HVO Biofuel.

Stop start technology
All of our vehicles are fitted with START, STOP technology which automatically shuts down and restarts the internal combustion engine to reduce the amount of time the engine spends idling, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Vehicle checks
We have very recently introduced a new app to our operation which all drivers work from to do their daily walk around vehicle checks.
This ensures the vehicles are safe to use every day and helps to identify vehicle defects rapidly to keep them on the road and running efficiently. This has also had a huge reduction in our paper usage which ultimately, is a huge positive for the environment.

Driver Training
All drivers here at Lays International understand and are trained to a very high standard and are put through a rigorous driver induction programme. Which helps to achieve economical driving, keeping their behaviour behind the wheel forward thinking, and as smooth as possible. Smooth acceleration, monitoring speed, avoiding excessive braking, efficient gear control.
Our drivers know not to idol & to not keeping engines unnecessarily running.


Our aim – “Is to be the driving force behind productions succeeding their environmental goals”. – Paul Lay Owner & director at Lays international.

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